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Bando à Parte

animated feature film

Directors: David Doutel and Vasco Sá

After losing her mother and being turned away from her childhood village, UNA becomes a sullen teenager, disconnected from social reality. As she tries to evade within her inner world, she discovers a clear icy landscape, inhabited by a fearless child, whom she calls NUAH. After countless adventures, UNA finds herself trapped in her fantasies and forced to undertake a painful initiatory journey that will bring her back to life and to a world in need of transformation.



Portugal / Spain

Bando À parte & Filmika Galaika

fiction feature film

Directors: Lois Patiño & Matias Pinero

Augustina Muñoz, an Argentine actress of Galician origin, is visiting her family in a Galician village on the border with Portugal. While visiting the house where her grandmother spent her childhood, she also takes advantage of these days to rehearse the texts in Portuguese of William Shakespeare's A Tempestade, as she had been invited by a theater company to perform the play in the Azores archipelago. She travels to the islands by boat, but when she arrives, she doesn't find anyone from the company or anyone on the island who knows about the show. Finding herself alone on the island, she begins to investigate what would have happened and little by little, as she immerses herself in the reality of the Azores and discovers the magic of the place and its people, her curiosity for the island increases, forgetting what brought her there.

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Bando à Parte 

Feature Film / Series

Director: Rodrigo Areias


In a guest house in Vila Húmus, lost in the confines of the estuary, one survives in a dark time. K. Maurício, writer, immerses himself in his work A Morte do Palhaço, becoming hostage to impossible dreams. Pita, a facilitator, manipulates words and people, enjoying a cynical game with those around him. Between crimes and hallucinations, between the Gothic of the night and the decadence of the arena runs a hopeless story, based on the works of Raul Brandão.

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Bando à Parte 

Portugal USA

feature film fiction

Directors: Luke Eberl and Edgar Morais


Alexandre, a young man from Três Povos, a village of Fundão, divides his days between the nursing home, where he works, Laura's house, where he takes care of his demential grandmother, and the local café, the only place of contact available to the village population. As his sexual frustration and loneliness intensify, Alexander begins to manipulate Laura and doubt everything he believes in.

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Bando à Parte 

fiction short film

Director: Susana Abreu

THE TOUCADOR is the name of a magazine that Garrett conceived and launched in 1822, whose aim was to educate women similar to his very young wife Luísa Midosi, in the arts of appearance, courtesy, etiquette, representation.

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Portugal / Finland / Italy / Poland

Bando à Parte 


Director: Rodrigo Areias


This project is a documentary series about the European periphery through its voices. Voices sung from ancestral traditions that perpetuate the culture of these places through oral traditions.

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Portugal / Mozambique

Bando à Parte  


Director: André Guiomar

New Chung is Mozambican and at the age of 4 was forced to run away from the devastating Civil War. He was left in a Shaolin temple in China where he becomes master of Kung Fu. Years later, when he returns to Mozambique, what would be just a visit has become a permanent stay. After facing the weak state of the police forces, New Chung no longer leaves his country. He decides to make his contribution and today he is the special forces trainer of Mozambique. Even so, he doesn't forget his biggest dream: to be an actor in martial arts films.

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