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Portugal/ Argentina | DOC, 40'

Bando à Parte 

Director: Mário Gomes

In the midst of a personal crisis, poet Cristian Forte decides to leave Buenos Aires in search of self-taught inventor Alberto Waiman, taking with him an analogue camera and a VHS video camera. After a long bus trip, Cristian finally meets Waiman in a remote village in the Pampa. Between the marginal poet and the hermit inventor, known in the village by the nickname "El Loco", little by little a friendly relationship is born. The material that Cristian gathers during his various stays in the Pampa - photographs, videos, objects - not only documents Waiman's singular artistic work, but also serves as the basis for a singular exercise of memory and a vindication of the marginal aesthetics of so-called "art brut".



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Portugal, Doc 67'

Bando à Parte 

Directors: Acácio de Almeida & Marie Carré

The evocation of light in cinema leads the Character of the Man of Light to reflect on it, its essence and its multiple manifestations in a revisitation of geographical spaces and memories.


  • Locarno 57th IFF 2022 

  • DOC Lisboa IDFF 2022

  • RIFF Rome IFF 2022

  • Salerno IFF 2022

  • SANFICI IFF 2023

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Portugal, Doc 62'

Bando à Parte 

Director: Tiago Afonso

Over thirteen years, from 2007 to 2020, the film follows the change in the social fabric of the city of Porto. Demolitions, evictions and resettlements that affect the Roma community of Bacelo, the population of Bairro do Aleixo and the vendors of Feira da Vandoma.


  • DocLisboa – International Film Festival (Portugal)

ETIC Schools Award Best Film in Portuguese Competition

HBO Award for Best Film in Portuguese Competition

  • Porto/Post/Doc - Film & Media Festival (Portugal)

Spoken Film Competition Award

  • MAFIC - Málaga International Film Festival (Spain)

  • Ischia Global Film Festival (Italy)

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Portugal, Doc 60'

Bando à Parte 

Director: Rodrigo Areias

The art of memory is a classic technique that associates images with places through a process of remembering and meaning. From the memory of places and their context, the documentary delves into the creative process of three contemporary visual artists: Daniel Blaufuks, Pedro Bastos and José Rufino. Despite the different approaches to expression of each author, we find points of communication in the way memory operates in their works. By scouring chance and disorder, we arrive at the director's personal mythology, assuming that memory is a fiction like any film.


  • International Premiere São Paulo International Film Festival

Documentary Film Critic's World Film Carnival Singapore Award

  • LEFFEST 2021 National Premiere

  • Echo BRICS IFF

  • Porto Post Doc IFF



Portugal, Doc 80'

Bando à Parte 

Director: Edgar Pera

 It is a film in three-dimensional format, a cine-investigation on the relationship between trance and the act of watching cinema. Taking as a starting point the fact that cinema has left the orbit of theaters (with the exception of 3D cinema), KINORAMA goes, however, beyond the Beyond-Cinema, focusing, among other things, on the way we deal with the reality, and its relationship with life and art.


  • Rotterdam International Film Festival (Netherlands)

  • DocLisboa - International Film Festival (Portugal)

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Portugal, Doc 94'

Bando à Parte 

Director: Samuel Barbosa

The documentary film proposes a spatial-temporal reunion of all the background work that exists in Paulo Rocha's films. It is a research based on people, characters, places, decors, arts and artists that, in the form of testimony, propose a reflection on Paulo Rocha's interaction with them.


  • Locarno International Film Festival (Switzerland)

  • São Paulo Exhibition – International Film Festival (Brazil)

  • Jeonju International Film Festival (South Korea)

  • BAFICI - Inter FestivalNational Independent Cinema of Buenos Aires (Argentina)

  • Uruguay International Film Festival (Uruguay)

  • PriMed - International Festival of Mediterranean Documentary Film and Reportage (France)

  • MALBA – Film Festival Latin American Art Museum of Buenos Aires (Argentina)

  • IndieLisboa – International Film Festival (Portugal)

  • Caminhos do Cinema Português Festival (Portugal)



Portugal - Finland - France 2018 Doc, 81'

Bando à Parte  - Oktober - Gladys Glover

Director: Rodrigo Areias 


Crushed by a volcano against the ocean, Ribeira Quente (Hot Stream) is a fishing village in S. Miguel Island in the Azores facing the last days of a fishing activity as they know it. Everyone fights for normal days while life has to continue even with the fish's scarcity.


  • Locarno International Film Festival - First Look - work in progress (Switzerland)

  • São Paulo International Film Festival (Brazil)

  • Mumbai International Film Festival (India)

  • Guadalajara International Film Festival (Mexico)

Festivals (Others)

  • Kalajoki Film Fest (Finland)

Special Jury Prize

  • Ismaília Film Festival (Egypt)

Best Documentary Award Special Jury Prize

  • PriFilmFest - Prishtina International Film Festival (Kosovo)

Best Documentary Award

  • Paris Film Festival (France)

Honorable Mention Award

  • Interférences Festival (France)

Special Mention Student’s Jury Award

Quatro Estações e Outono _ 3.jpg


Portugal, 2018 Doc, 85'

Bando à Parte 

Director Pedro Sena Nunes

Jorge Listopad is one of the most notable European artists. At the height of his 93 years, with around 60 theater plays and 50 books of prose, poetry and essays, as well as numerous awards, Jorge Listopad is the center of this intimate portrait that will make him known as an artist, philosopher, creator , thinker, writer, teacher, but above all, Jorge Listopad, the Man.


  • Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival (Czech Republic)

Festivals (Others)

  • Portobello Film Festival (England)

  • Kazan International Muslim Film Festival (Russia)

  • International Documentary Festival of Ierapreta (Greece)

  • Madrid International Film Festival (Spain)

  • Intima Lente/Intimate Lens – Festival of Visual Ethnography (Italy)

  • MDOC – Melgaço International Documentary Festival (Portugal)

  • Avanca Film Festival (Portugal)

  • DocLisboa – International Film Festival (Portugal)



Portugal, 2019 Doc, 63'

Bando à Parte 

Director: Paulo Abreu

After the crisis came tourism and the transformation of the city of Lisbon. Alis Ubbo (“safe haven”, in Phoenician), ironically follows the last two years of change in Lisbon's urban landscape.


  • Doclisboa National Premiere 2018

  • Luso-Brazilian Festival of Santa Maria da Feira 2019

  • Arquitecturas Film Festival - Lisbon 2019

  • Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam 2019

  • Avanca Film Festival 2019

  • Urban Cinema - Architecture Film Festival Brasilia 2019



Portugal, doc, HD, 2018, 75'

Bando à Parte 

Director: Edgar Pera

"A smile is cheaper than electricity and gives more light to youth"


O Homem-Pykante – Dialogues with Pimenta is not a tribute documentary, it is a poetic film celebrating the work of Alberto Pimenta, the result of a friendship and complicity maintained over the last 24 years. Pimenta is an artist, “who considers himself a 'tolerated', in the very same sense of the administrative term with which prostitutes were designated in Portugal until around the mid-20th century”, as he once wrote. Alberto Pimenta, who divides poets into “tolerated” and “tolerant”, is the author of a vast unsubmissive and challenging poetic and performance work.  The starting point of this film is the archives, filmed by Edgar Pêra between 1994 and 2018, of performances, conversations and readings by Alberto Pimenta, kinetic material that was then pre-selected by the poet Manuel Rodrigues and later edited by Pêra. The Pykante Man – Dialogues with Pepper  is one of (many) possible outcomes.


  • FaithRotterdam International Film Festival (Netherlands)

  • São Paulo Exhibition – International Film Festival (Brazil)

  • The Grand Budapest Film Festival (Hungary)

  • Intima Lente/Intimate Lens Film Festival of Visual Ethnography (Italy)

  • CINERAMABC International Film Festival (Brazil)

  • International Documentary Festival of Ierapreta (Greece)

  • South Europe International Film Festival – Valencia Edition (Spain)

  • Frontal Views – Cinema Meetings in Viana do Castelo (Portugal)

  • IndieLisboa – International Film Festival (Portugal)

  • Paths of Portuguese Cinema (Portugal)

  • Avanca Film Festival (Portugal)

  • FOLIO – Óbidos International Literary Festival (Portugal)



Portugal, 2016, 3D, 70', Color

Bando à Parte 

Director: Edgar Pêra

“To be astonished is to question”.

O SPECTADOR EASTADO is a cine-investigation on the act of watching cinema. A dialogue between different types of spectators: what is more cinema?
– watching Citizen Kane on a mobile phone or watching a football game projected in a movie theater? What is the Cinema of Uncertainty? How many types of amazement are there? Do Fear and Belief precede Astonishment? What are the spectator's rights and duties? Are essay films a manifesto against voyeurism? Should viewers be paid? What scares a spectator today?



  • Ofificial Selection at Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival (Poland)

  • Official Selection at Rotterdam IFF 2016 (Netherlands)

  • Official Selection at Docs Against Gravity Film Festival 2016 (Poland)

  • Official Selection at BAFICI 2016 (Argentina)

  • Official Selection Jeonju IFF 2016 (South Corea)

  • Official Selection at Bildrausch Film Festival 2016 (Switzerland)

  • Official Selection at DocLisboa 2016 (Porttugal)

Best Portuguese Filme in the competition Schools Award ETIC

  • Official Selection at Camerimage FF 2016 (Poland)

  • Official Selection at Manaki Brothers FF (Macedonia)

  • Official Selection 40th International Film Festival, São Paulo 2016 (Brazil)

  • Official Selection at Geneva IFF 2016 (Switzerland)



Portugal, 2015, DOC, 70', Color

Bando à Parte 

Director: Paulo Abreu

The troubled life of Filipe Mendes, one of the best Portuguese guitarists ever. Since 1965, he has been part of bands such as Chinchillas, Roxigénio, Psico, Heavy Band, Irmãos Catita and Ena Pá 2000, Os Charruas, Phil Mendrix Band, among others. Built from materials filmed between 1994 and 2013, the film is also a portrait of a time when, in Portugal, rock was discovered and explored.​​


  • Audience Award at Doc Lisboa 2015 (Portugal)

  • Official Selection 19th Luso-Brazilian Film Festival (Portugal)

  • Official Selection Grand Juri Prize at Muvi Lisboa 201

  • In-Edit Brasil – Festival Internacional do Documentário Musical Panorama Mundial (Brasil)

  • MIMO Festival (Portugal)

  • Porto/Post/Doc (Portugal)



Finland - Denmark - Sweden - Portugal - 2015, DOC , 85', HD

Oktober - House of Real - Mantaray Films - Bando à Parte 

Director: Jonas Berghal

“Mother's Wish” is a documentary that brings together stories from women in different parts of the world. Told in parallel, the stories of these women form a poetic and intense film about motherhood and love: from the moment after the first birth, from a mother's pride on her daughter's first day of school and a mother's longing and worries. who works away from his daughter; but also of the effects of tragic events, such as the emotional scars left by interruptions of forced marriages - but above all the stories speak of survival: women who have fought for life against all odds. They give the viewer hope for a better tomorrow.


  • Official Selection at Tampere Film Festival 2015 (Finland)

  • Official Selection at Documenta Madrid 2015 (Spain)

  • Official Selection at Docs Against Gravity 2015 (Poland)

  • Official Selection at Galway Film Fleadh 2015 (Irland)

  • Official Selection at Pärnu IFF 2015 (Estonia)

  • Official Selection at Porto Post Doc 2015 (Potugal)



Portugal, 2014, 3D, 7', Color

Bando à Parte 

Directors: Edgar Pera

STILLNESS is a cine-mutant photo-film, born from different projects, some from the past, others from the future: a 3D photo-diary of the concentration camp in Auschwitz in 2011 and stolen frames from The Green Lisbon 3D Project mixed by Mellotronix Sounds Kompany – and a reading of the first paragraph of “The Call of Cthulhu” by Howard Philips Lovecraft. The text, from 1926, anticipates the twentieth century.


  • Official Selection at 61st Oberhausen IFF – Film without Film 2014

  • Official Selection at 29th Midnight Sun FilmFest 2014

  • Official Selection at 22nd Vila do Conde Short Films – Experimental Competition


DOUBLE PLAY James Benning & Richard Linklater

USA - France -Portugal - 2013, DOC, 70', HD

Double Play Films - Gladys Glover - Bando à Parte

Director: Gabe Klinger

A documentary portrait of the friendship between prestigious filmmakers James Benning and Richard Linklater that combines filmed conversations and extensive archival material to explore connections and divergences in their respective approaches to life and cinema.


  • "Venezia Classici Award" for the best documentary on Cinema at 70th Venice IFF 2013 (Italy)

  • Official Selection at SXSW - South by Southwest 2014 (USA)

  • Official Selection at 37th Mostra de São Paulo Film Festival 2014 (Brasil)

  • Official Selection at Reykjavik International Film Festival 2014 (Iceland)

  • Official Selection at Athens Avant Garde Film Festival 2014 (Greece)

  • Official Selection at Geneva IFF 2014 (Switzerland)

  • Official Selection at  Rotterdam IFF 2014 (Netherlands)

  • Official Selection at Sydney IFF 2014 (Australia)

  • Melbourne International Film Festival (Australia)

  • Sevilla International Film Festival (Espanha)

  • Jeonju International Film Festival (South Corea)

  • RIDM - Montreal Internacional Documentary Festival (Canada)

  • Toronto International Film Festival – Bell Lightbox (Canada)

  • FIDMarseille – Marseille International Filme Festival (France)

  • BAFICI - Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente (Argentina)

  • Viennale - Wien International Film Festival (Austria)

  • FICUNAM – Festival Internacional de Cine UNAM (Mexico)

  • CPH: DOX – Copenhagen Documentary Film Festival (Dinamarca)

Captura de ecrã - 2016-12-30, 16.16.38.png


Portugal, 2013, 8 mm, 70', Color

Bando à Parte 

Director: Rodrigo Areias


​​1960 is a home movie in the form of a travel diary in Super 8mm. Intending, through architecture and with Fernando Tavora's Travel Diary as its starting point, to depict the journey which the architect made in 1960.


  • Best Feature Film Prize at 17th Luso-Brasileiro Film Festival (Portugal)

  • Official Selection at São Paulo Film Festival (Brasil)

  • Official Selection at DocLisboa 2013 (Portugal)

  • Official Selection at Cine PE – Recife 2013 (Brasil)

  • Official Selection at PlayDoc Film Festival (Spain)

  • Walk and Talk – Azores Arts Festival (Portugal)

  • Arquiteturas Film Festival (Portugal)



Portugal, 2012, 95', Color

Bando à Parte 

Directors: Tiago Afonso

​Beyond the fighting character, the movie is an encounter space for dialogue with Alípio, who still fights until this day. Now with different tactics, but always with the same perseverance.


  • Official Selection at São Paulo Film Festival, 2015 (Brasil)

  • Official Selection at Porto Post/Doc, 2015 (Portugal)



Finland - Portugal - 2012, DOC, 75' HD

Director: Katja Gauriloff

Oktober - Bando à Parte 


A journey through the food preservation industry across Europe and all its inherent social and economic implications. During this journey, workers' aspirations and dreams are also recorded. There are countless hands behind each product, this image being a metaphor for a multicultural Europe.​​


  • Berlinale - Berlin International Film Festival (Germany)

  • HotDocs Canadian International Documentary Festival (Canadaa)

  • Guadalajara International Film Festival (Mexico)

  • BFI London Film Festival, 2012 (England)

  • Tallin Black Nights Film Festival (Estonia)

  • CPH: DOX – Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival (Denmark)

  • Tampere Film Festival (Finland)

  • Lübeck Nordic Film Days (Germany)

Documentary Film Prize

  • Jussi Awards (Finland)

Best Music Award

  • Cleveland International Film Festival (EUA)

  • Official Selection Docpoint Helsinki Documentary Film Festival 2012 (Finland)

  • Official Selection Silver Docs AFI/Discovery Channel Documentary Festival 2012 (USA)

  • Official Selection Midnight Sun Film Festival 2012 (Finland)

  • Official Selection Zagreb Film Festival 2012 (Croatia)

  • Official Selection Batumi IFF, Doc competition 2012 (Poland)

  • Official Selection Guadalajara Film Festival 2012 (Spain)



Portugal, 2010, 50', Color

Bando à Parte 

Director: Mario Gomes

​There was hope to find something that could have been mistaken for memories: Somewhere in a box of old slides; among the pale-washed colors of old photos; between two bottles of chilled beer in the heat of a summer night; or among all the uncountable Peugeots and Citroën with their yellow license plates. There was hope, indeed, but the traces that were gathered as to build a memory, soon entangled, became diffuse and were chopped to bits under the flashings of a stroboscope. That was when the quest for a linearity that could become the linearity of a story, of a link between a past and a present, shifted to the realm of the obsessive, so that every thread of linen, every line on the road got to signify a continuity that the old photo hanging on the kitchen wall, the photo of grandmother and grandfather, stubbornly kept on denying.


  • Best Feature Film at CineEco Film Festival 2010 (Portugal)

  • Official Selection at Indie Lisboa 2010 (Portugal)

  • Official Selection at Visions du Reel Nyon 2010 (France)



Portugal, 2008, 58', Color

Bando à Parte 

Director: Ricardo Leite

This is a microcosmic movie about a Portuguese fortified city called Mazagao, founded in 1514 on the western coast of Morocco and, 250 years later, was literally deported to the Brazilian Amazon. Over five hundred years of tricontinental history, of two Mazagao all through the Atlantic Ocean. It's a mixture of people, religions and cultures: Portuguese, Moroccan and Brazilian, Muslims, Christians and Jews, Black, White and Indian people. Today, in the Moroccan Mazagao in El Jadida, Morocco, we can find a fantastic fortress, considered World Heritage by UNESCO, still living and breathing, with lots of stories to tell. In Brazilian Mazagao, in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, we can find the fabulous Saint Tiago party, held annually and celebrating the battles between Christian knights and Moors. Its a unique testimony of an epic battle that makes us travel through time, since the 15th century until today, and makes us rethink the world, and its violent and magic transformation.


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